A-FACTORY [cidre brewery]

At A-FACTORY, you can enjoy [apple cidre] using made in Aomori apples, also tons of local fresh groceries at [Food Marche]. You can taste and enjoy delicious dishes using local ingredients at restaurants.

The cidre brewery

cidre is an apple-bassed variation on european sparkling fruit wine.

Using the finest apples in all of Japan,we create AOMORI CIDRE right here in A-FACTORY.

We brew it behind a glass wall for all of our vissitors to see.


We proudly endorse Aomori Cidre as a byproduct of all of the knowledge in the “Apple Kingdom”of Aomori!

This cider was created under the guidance of two local incorporated administrative agencies: the Aomori Prefectural Agricultural Laboratory in Hirosaki, and Rokka Brewing Corporation.

Please enjoy the fragrance of the fully-ripened apples, the refreshing bubbles, and the fresh flavors of Aomori Cidre.

AOMORI CIDRE uses high-grade [Fuji] apples,and characteristically sourness [Jonah Gold] apples to make its fine products.

Washing,sorting,crushing,squeezing,fermentation,purification,filtering,carbonation and bottling all occur on site.

We take great care in making our Cidre,and We're sure that you'll enjoy it,too!

A-FACTORY information

A-FACTORYの施設内情報を紹介するページ / A page introducing the in-facility information of A-FACTORY


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