A-FACTORY is a complex facility consisting of the "cider brewery" where cider made from Aomori-grown apples is brewed and the "Food Marche," which provides various selected ingredients produced in Aomori.

This facility was designed in the image of a factory that produces delicious Aomori products one after another.

The facility has a food court on the first floor as well as restaurants and a cider tasting machine (pay service) on the second floor.

Cider brewery

A glass-walled brewery is located in the center of the facility where various types of ciders and apple soda are brewed in eight brewing tanks.

Exclusive alcoholic beverages, which use a special variety of apples or other Aomori-grown fruit besides apples, are also brewed.

Moreover, apple brandy is produced using Charentais distillation equipment, which was ordered from France.

Food Marché

The facility offer ingredients from the entire area of Aomori—including special vegetables and fruits made by farmers in Aomori and local products such as rice and processed products—as well as artwork such as traditional crafts and folk crafts. It also offers a valuable opportunity for visitors to find the unique charm of Aomori.

Try finding local Aomori delicacies as if you are a treasure hunter.


A!Premium is a service that delivers A-grade Aomori products at A-grade quality through speedy and refrigerated transportation.

A-FACTORY offers a variety of Aomori souvenirs such as AOMORI CIDRE and Aomori-grown apples.

After you return to your country, you can receive the products you purchased here at your home. So, you can travel without having to carry extra luggage.
(Limited service to tourists from Taiwan)

shop information

Credit cards can be used.

Alipay,wechatpay,ORIGAMIpay,can be used.

Tax free is available (except for payment at eating facilities).

free Wifi.


1-4-2 Yanagawa, Aomori-shi, Aomori 038-0012

tel. 017-752-1890

https://www.jre-abc.com/wp/afactory/ (japanese)